How did we start?

Like many startups, this idea was one formed from annoyance at an issue and a drive to innovate. The issue in question can be summed up in three questions. Why are legal fees so high for work that can be done in a matter of minutes? Why hasn’t a significant technical advancement taken the legal world by storm since the laptop? How can I lower the fees I need to pay just to get my business off the ground? In comes StartINC, the service that provides you with effective and efficient legal drafting to get your business up and running quicker, cheaper, and without jeopardising the quality of work.

What we’re doing

We come from the Burch&Co. family, where putting the person first is priority #1 and providing effective legal service comes naturally. Over time, we identified a gap in the market and wanted to provide our services to startups who may not be able to afford to retain a lawyer full-time. The thought took root, how could we make it work, and how could we save great ideas from falling at the first hurdle?

After some time we decided to bridge the gap ourselves, and utilising modern technology and a tool built for purpose, StartINC will work for you to efficiently determine which documents you need, why you need them, and provide effective drafts for an affordable price so your ideas can become functioning businesses.

The Burch&Co. difference

Unlike other tools powered entirely by Artificial Intelligence or computer engineering, StartINC taps into the vast pool of real intelligence garnered by the Startup team at Burch&Co.

Our team has helped to launch businesses of all sizes and throughout a number of ranging industries, so we are well placed to understand the unique challenges present in the early days of your business.

If our story resonates with you, it’s because we have treated StartINC like a startup! Please wander over to our blog to see our team of lawyers and paralegals sweat under time pressure and a general lack of technical experience. It’s rare to see lawyers intentionally out of their comfort zone and believe me the 5 minute read is well worth it for the catharsis alone.

Meet the team

From Hana (our engine ensuring StartINC chugs steadily onward), to Millie Q (who is simultaneously the foundation and glue holding the whole thing together), our team would love to make your acquaintance, and, what better way than through some in-depth profiles!

We recently had the pleasure of discovering our personality styles by way of the Taiwan Design Expo Test and the results are both interesting and frighteningly accurate. As you can see, not only is our team satisfyingly symmetrical, but our personality types also make up what can only be a strong composition for a startup. We have a strong base of rock, water to feed the grass, and poisonous but oddly cute defenders that can keep us grounded and safe from dangerous ideas.

Hana L
  • Personality Type: Poison
  • Strengths:
    • Pragmatic
    • Efficient
  • Interests:
    • Tech
    • Hot sauces
    • Soda water makers
  • Gallup Clifton Strengths:

    • Command
    • Connectedness
    • Individualisation
    • Analytical
    • Deliberative

Hana was lucky enough to be the mind where the StartINC idea first came to exist. As a poison personality type, Hana cuts straight to the core of any issue that comes her way; efficiency is key. Her enjoyment of hot sauce and spicy water reflects a satisfaction for overcoming adversity, a personality trait that suits leading an early-stage legal startup. With challenges to face at every corner, our leader of day-to-day operations is always there with a bubbly water and the solution. Maybe an informative video as well.

Nich B
  • Personality Type: Grass
  • Strengths:
    • Helping Others
    • Growth Mindset
  • Interests:
    • Motorbikes
    • Agriculture
    • Listening
    • Thoughtful Relationships
  • Gallup Clifton Strengths:

    • We don’t know
    • We tried to ask him to take the test
    • But he’s incredibly busy
    • Oh well
    • Top 5 coming soon!

The Burch in Burch&Co, Nich is our fearless leader who graciously gave the go ahead on this project in hopes that the legal world would be made easier (and cheaper) to navigate. Nich has recently been granted a probationary motorbike licence, meaning he is ready to race ahead with StartINC and get to the finish line of the early-stages for your startup. We promise a wheelie smooth experience. Get ready to Start(inc) your engines!

Ryan M
  • Personality Type: Poison
  • Strengths:
    • Networking
    • Problem solving
  • Interests:
    • Finance
    • Water Polo
    • Leading
    • Presenting
  • Gallup Clifton Strengths:

    • Communication
    • Woo
    • Analytical
    • Individualisation
    • Relator

The face you may have seen representing our team at various functions, events and conferences is our towering figure of capital raising, Ryan. A fellow poison alongside Hana, this star of the water polo scene decided to take his talents to the legal world. With a penchant for getting startups off the ground and succeeding for a long time after, Ryan has found his passion and is seeking to make access to his, and our, legal services as seamless as possible.  Catch him in the pool (if you can) and on Zoom if you’re serious about making a well-oiled machine of a business.

Courtney F
  • Personality Type: Water
  • Strengths:
    • Strategist
    • Staying focused
  • Interests:
    • Peace and quiet
    • Swimming
    • Learning
  • Gallup Clifton Strengths:

    • Competition
    • Relator
    • Restorative
    • Futuristic
    • Significance

You may have heard the famous Bruce Lee once say that to adapt to any situation you must become ‘formless, like water’. While StartINC will be formless, because it’s a computer, how could it be made to adapt to the complexities of the startup world? Introducing yet another (wow) startup specialist, and Water #1 of the team, Courtney. The freshest addition to the StartINC team, Courtney isn’t afraid of being thrown in the deep end to fend for herself (sneaky water pun) and we’re hoping she’ll water down any rigidity in our product, giving it room to grow into what we know it can be.

Millie Q
Community & Team Manager
  • Personality Type: Rock
  • Strengths:
    • Reliable
    • Versatile
  • Interests:
    • Travelling
    • Football
    • Ollie

Every startup, team or community needs a solid foundation to launch off of, and what better rock to the StartINC team than our very own Millie Q. As the team and community manager of the wider Burch&Co family, Millie is quite literally the glue holding the entire operation together. In fact, if you happen to see Ryan, Hana, or Courtney out in the field, Millie made it happen.

Nicky D
  • Personality Type: Water
  • Strengths:
    • Optimism
    • Naivety?
  • Interests:
    • Meeting new people
    • Basketball
    • Reading
  • Gallup Clifton Strengths:

    • Restorative
    • Strategic
    • Adaptability
    • Learner
    • Achiever

Water #2 of the team, the paralegal formerly known as ‘Nick’ now goes by ‘Nicky D’ for easy distinction between himself and Mr Burch. When asked about his role on the team, Nicky D said he was ‘just happy to be included’ and while he has the least legal training of the bunch, every team needs someone to bring the great assists. Having spent most of his (young) legal career in the Startup & Capital area, the new kid on the block is eager to fill out his knowledge of this field and what better way than immersing in a tech startup like StartINC (and writing fun blog posts).

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